Fibreglass Scaffold

Recommended for use where there are live electrical wires.

Genex Fibreglass Scaffold System



Fibreglass scaffold systems are recommended for use on railways, switch yards or any area where there are live electrical wires.

Genex Uni-Tec

Fibreglass scaffolds with reinforced nylon fittings. The end frames have fibreglass tubes as verticals, rungs and braces. The rungs are made with an antiskid superior part. The fibreglass reinforced nylon fittings are bonded to fibreglass tubes with a mechanical hot injection of an epoxy, urethane bonding.

Ideal for electrical works or dangerous sites where insulated, non-conductive, non-oxidable chemical resistant components are required.

(Note: To ensure effective insulation properties are maintained, scaffolds should be cleaned prior to use in live environments.)

Detailed Genex pdf – download
DW Erection Guide pdf – download