Scaffolding in Perth

Are you undertaking a large or small construction project in Perth? Look no further than Instant Scaffolds & Access Equipment WA for the best selection of scaffolding services. We are specialists in providing access products, ranging from mechanical access equipment to scaffolding for commercial and residential projects.

Our clients range from home handyman builders to large construction companies—all benefiting from our quality solutions that are designed to meet their specific needs. Contact us now to get started on your next big project with the help of our experienced team! With Instant Scaffolds & Access Equipment WA, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.

Instant Scaffold Services

At Instant Scaffolds & Access Equipment WA, we believe that your construction business or project in Perth deserves the highest quality scaffold services and products to help you complete a job successfully and with ease.

We offer a wide range of scaffolding products and access equipment, such as standard steel scaffolds, vertical lifts, scissor and boom lifts, mobile platforms, bridging units, aluminium mobile towers and much more. All of our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards and guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with their projects.

Scaffolding services from Instant Scaffolds & Access Equipment WA provide a variety of benefits to construction businesses and projects in Perth. Our scaffolding is designed to make your job easier, faster, safer and more efficient. We also have quality scaffolding and scissor lift operators available for hire.

We understand the importance of quality products that are tailored to meet specific needs—ensuring that your project will be done right the first time around! With our experienced team on hand, you can rest assured knowing that your scaffold solutions will be handled with care and expertise.

Get in touch with us today for all of your scaffolding needs! You can contact us directly on 08 9451 9400 or request a quote online. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to guide your project to success!

Instant Scaffolds WA are the access specialists. Our products and services include:

  • Building Maintenance Units
  • Swinging Stages
  • Aluminium Mobile Towers
  • Scissor and Boom Lifts
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Bridging Units
  • Special Structures
  • Standard Steel Scaffold
  • Off Shore / On Shore Scaffold Supplies
  • Riggers
  • Boiler Maintenance Scaffolds
  • External Building Management and Maintenance
  • Design and Engineering support complete with CAD – CAM system
  • Fully qualified – *Ticketed Personnel
  • Off Shore / On Shore Labour
  • Training School – Certification Courses
  • Engineers
  • Scaffolders